Used Cars: Best Price Doesn’t Always Mean Best Deal

Shopping for used cars can sometimes seem overwhelming, with so many makes, models, and let’s not forget trim levels, to choose from, the landscape is an expanse of options. For those who have a good idea of what they really want in a vehicle though, from color, to seat materials, to powertrain, the price ranges start to come into view. As you start keeping track of said vehicles and comparing them, the natural inclination is to be drawn to the lowest price and thus, “best deal,” but before you put pen to paper, be sure to do your due diligence to see just how good it is.

Maintenance History

Checking out the vehicle’s CarFax is nice, helping ensure it wasn’t recently found at the bottom of a lake or there’s no good reason to suspect it drives at a 45 degree angle, but your detective work shouldn’t end there. How much of the car’s history is there in regards to regular maintenance? CarFax doesn’t always include this information, are there service records that can be shown? Cars are more reliable than ever, but every car has manufacturer recommended maintenance intervals, so keep internal wear and tear in mind should you find a better price on a lower mile version of your dream car, because not all miles are created equal. 

Accident History

Looping back around to CarFax, many equate this report to accident repair reporting. It’s good to know this, even for simple bumps and bruises, as there could be a bent frame involved or something seemingly smaller like damaged suspension, which then creates knock-on effects to performance, creating extra wear on connected parts and on down the line. A quality dealership will be keenly aware of these situations, but when buying from a private seller it’s especially important to have a mechanic look over the work if you don’t feel comfortable doing so. If the vehicle has a salvage title, then you definitely want to know details before purchasing.  

Where You Buy

Finally, whether you’re comparing dealerships versus each other, or dealers versus private sellers, trust your judgement with who seems like they’ll take care of you after the sale. Briggs has made our name and success with repeat business through great customer service. We invite you to check out our expansive inventory and give us a try today.