2022 Chevrolet Silverado Exterior Driver Side Rear Profile

Where can I find used pickup trucks in Manhattan, KS?

When you’re shopping for a new vehicle, you have to narrow down your search to a body style before anything else. You’ll continue to shrink and shrink the field of vehicles from which to choose, but your first decision should definitely be what type of vehicle you want. The four main body styles are cars, SUVs & crossovers, vans or pickup trucks. If you’re in the market for a pickup truck here in Manhattan, Kansas, or the surrounding area, you can find all kinds of used models right here at Briggs Supercenter.

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Woman Riding Harley-Davidson Motorcycle

What should I look for when shopping for a used motorcycle?

Here at Briggs Supercenter, we have one kind of vehicle that a lot of other used dealerships don’t carry… motorcycles. We love two-wheeled vehicles just as much as we love those with four or even more. If you’ve been considering getting a motorcycle of your own but are a little nervous about the idea of buying one used, we’ve come up with some tips on what you should be looking for throughout the shopping process to help you on your way. Don’t hesitate to give us a call if you have any questions!

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Brunch Table of Food

Best Mother’s Day Brunch Locations Manhattan, KS

Can you believe it’s almost Mother’s Day, already? We’re just a couple weeks away from this great annual holiday where we all get to treat that special lady in our lives. A stalwart favorite for families across the country is taking mom out for Mother’s Day brunch. If that’s what you’re looking to do this year in Manhattan, KS, we figured we’d give you a list of some of our favorite restaurants to go grab brunch at. As far as we know, these locations aren’t offering any sort of special brunch menu for the holiday, but they’re great options for brunch here in the area. Can’t hurt to call and make a reservation though!

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2022 Buick Crossover Lineup

Where can I find used SUVs & crossovers in Manhattan, KS?

When it comes to purchasing a vehicle, there are a host of classes and segments to choose from, in all different kinds of shapes and sizes. If you live in Manhattan, KS, or even somewhere in the surrounding area, and are shopping for used SUVs or crossovers, those are two classes that we have in abundance right here at Briggs Supercenter. To make things even better for you, you can go through the entire car-buying experience online!

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2017 Chrysler Pacifica Wheelchair Accessible Exterior Passenger Side Front Profile

Where can I find wheelchair-accessible used vans in Manhattan, KS?

Here at the Briggs Supercenter, we cater to a wide range of customers. We’ve got your typical used vehicles for all manner of shoppers to peruse, filled with cars, trucks, crossovers and traditional SUVs of all shapes and sizes; however, we also carry a few other types of vehicles that are a bit rarer or harder to find at your typical used dealership. For example, we have a nice selection of pre-owned motorcycles to look through and we occasionally have agricultural equipment like tractors and the like. But today we’re focusing on one specific instance of these rarer offerings, wheelchair-accessible vans! If you’re looking for such a vehicle in the area of Manhattan, KS, then you’ve found the right place.

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2020 Ford F-150 Exterior Passenger Side Front Profile

Where can I find used vehicles online in Manhattan, KS?

If you live in the area of Manhattan, KS, and are shopping for a used vehicle, you’ve come to the right place. Here at the Briggs Supercenter, we have a colossal collection of cars in all shapes and sizes from which to choose. Looking for a sedan? We’ve got those in spades. Crossover or traditional SUV? You bet it. Pickup truck? Of course. Just about anything you might be interested in can be found in our selection of pre-owned models here at the Briggs Supercenter. Just check out our online inventory and see if you can’t find something you like!

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Are Used Cars Worth It?

When it comes to purchasing a vehicle there are many options, and many opinions on which options are the best. You could get a new, used, or certified pre-owned vehicle, and all have their pros and cons. Today we’re here to discuss why we think purchasing a used car is a fantastic option, and we’re here to disprove many of the misconceptions people have about used cars. 

One of the biggest and most recognizable pros in getting a used car is the affordability. Used vehicles will always be more inexpensive than their new car counterparts, and if you shop used cars at Briggs Supercenter you’ll have confidence that the vehicle you’re getting is equal quality to a new vehicle. The price of vehicles are going up due to many reasons, such as chip shortages, and supply chain issues due to the pandemic. On average used car buyers save $14,000 according to Experian Automotive, as the average new car transaction price surpasses $37,000 and the typical loan comes in at around $31,000.

Something that many buyers don’t consider when wanting to purchase a new vehicle is depreciation. Once you drive that new car off the lot the vehicle depreciates by 20%. This is because you’re paying retail price, and as soon as that vehicle leaves the dealership the vehicle is only worth its lower, wholesale price. Depreciation goes down significantly less and slower when a vehicle is three years or older, meaning you won’t be losing nearly as much money when you want to move on from the used vehicle.

The last thing we will cover is insurance. When you purchase a new vehicle, your insurance rates will change. It’s likely that the new car will have a higher value than the car it will be replacing, meaning your car insurance will go up. New cars are more expensive to insure on average, and most people have to pay extra for gap insurance just in case the car is totaled and they owe more on it than the car is worth. The jump of insurance prices will likely not be as severe when purchasing a used car, and this could save you a lot of money.

If you’re interested in checking out our used car selection, come on down to Briggs Supercenter. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff would love to answer any questions you have, and get you set up with a test drive in the vehicle of your choice.

What’s the Difference Between Regular and Premium Gas?

When you pump gas you have the choice between regular and premium gas, but what is the difference between these two? Why is premium more expensive than regular gas? Why do different vehicles require different types of gas? We’ll answer all these questions today, and hopefully teach you some information on something we have to deal with very regularly in our daily lives.

What Makes Premium Gas Different Than Regular Gas?

The difference between these two types of gas is their octane level. The numbers you see on each gas option is the octane level. Typically regular gas is 87 octane, while premium gas is usually 91 octane. Octane is the measure of the fuel’s ability to resist “knock”. Knocking or pinging are the loud noises that occur when the air/fuel mixture is incorrect. The octane requirement of an engine changes depending on the compression ratio, mechanics and operation of the vehicle. If an engine knocks, it’s not working efficiently and might eventually cause damage.

Can You Use Premium In Any Vehicle?

The short answer; no. It’s a common misconception people have that premium gas will make your vehicle perform better and last longer. This is far from the truth. If you’re putting premium gas in a vehicle that doesn’t require it, you could be doing long term damage to your vehicle. On the other hand, If you use a lower than recommended level, the gas may combust too fast for your engine. That can cause the engine to make that knocking sound we discussed earlier. In addition to this unwanted noise, a lower than recommended gas can also reduce your car’s power and fuel economy and cause engine damage.

Why Is Premium Gas More Expensive?

Premium gas is more expensive for a few reasons. The first reason is demand. AAA said the demand for premium gas is due to more car owners “treating themselves” as pump prices drop. This ties in to what we discussed earlier with people thinking premium gas equals better performance. About 80 percent of all registered vehicles run fine on regular gas, according to AAA, and in a given year some 16.5 million people mistakenly believe premium gas will improve their aging vehicles. 

The second reason, premium gas faces less competition. “As prices are falling, you traditionally tend to see prices fall at a slower rate [for premium] than regular gasoline prices, and that’s in part because of just the physical turnover,” said Avery Ash, director of federal relations at AAA. By contrast, regular gasoline pricing is “highly competitive, and the stocks on hand move over quickly.” 

At the end of the day if you only take one thing away from this article, do not use premium gas if your vehicle doesn’t require it! Check your vehicle’s owners manual to see the octane your vehicle requires.

Maintaining Your Windshield

Driving around during heavy rainfall can be stressful and dangerous. It doesn’t matter how good of a driver you are, you will have a tougher time getting around when the surfaces are slick and your vision is impaired from the rain. To ensure that you’re as safe as possible when driving during the rain you need to have good visibility. There are some steps you can take to give you the best possible visibility when driving during the rain, and today we will cover these. 

Before we go into what you should do to rainproof your windshield, you must understand the importance of having good windshield wipers. Having new, high quality windshield wipers is one of the most important steps to ensuring your safety. If you have old windshield wipers you should consider getting new ones and changing them out. We previously discussed the process of changing your windshield wipers, which you can read here.

Now, onto the importance of your windshield. Your windshield is your defense against the outside elements, and is your primary view outside of your vehicle. Your windshield serves more than just being a big window, though. It also supports the frame of your car, providing additional structural integrity, and can save your life in a car crash. It’s important to give your windshield proper maintenance during seasons that have heavy rain, such as winter and spring. 

Check your windshield for cracks. Cracks can happen very easily and can occur for a variety of reasons. The temperature outside can also increase the size of the crack, and it can increase it quicker than you might think. Do a check to see if there’s any small cracks that would be hard to notice, that way you can catch the problem before it gets out of hand. If there’s a large crack you should consider getting it fixed, or getting a new windshield.

One of the best methods to rainproofing your windshield is to apply a waterproofing barrier. You can find these waterproofing products in automotive stores, and they allow your windshield wipers to be more efficient and help get the rain off your windshield faster. Make sure you follow the application instructions thoroughly. We recommend cleaning your windshield with an ammonia-based cleaner before application.

The last thing we recommend to ensure your safety while driving in the rain is to manage your washer fluid levels. Washer fluid sprays onto your windshield and will help clean off any dirt, insects, or debris. You don’t have to check the washer fluid very frequently, but you should check every few months, especially if you use it often. Washer fluid can also help keep your windshield wipers lubricated, which is important to maximize their efficiency. 

Hopefully these tips help keep you safe during your rainy drives. If you have any questions, feel free to call us at 785-789-4347. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff here at Briggs Supercenter would love to assist you.

Basic Safety Tips for Winter Driving

Winter Driving Basics

The deeper we get into the winter months the worse the weather gets, and the more dangerous it becomes to drive. Today we’ll be going over tips for winter driving, and hopefully you can apply them when you find yourself on the roads during the cold Kansas winter. 

Our first tip: try and avoid driving when you can. Now obviously you’ll likely still have to drive every day, but the less time you’re on the road the less of a chance you’ll get in an accident. If you’re not going to do something that is necessary, maybe just stay home, especially if the roads are icy or if it’s snowing hard. 

Now, for the tips that you can use when you have to drive. Make sure you give people in front of you plenty of room. Brake times can increase if the roads are slick. Next tip: manage your expectation of how long it will take to get places. When driving during the winter you need to drive slower than you normally would. It’s likely that most everyone else on the road will be driving slower than normal, there will probably be more accidents due to the bad weather, which will create more traffic, and the pace of getting around town will inevitably be slower. It’s best to give yourself a couple extra minutes to get anywhere, that way you don’t feel rushed and you aren’t inclined to speed, putting yourself, and others, in a dangerous situation. 

We recommend you drive with your lights on, even if it’s during the day. Usually, during the winter visibility is impaired, whether it’s rain, snow, sleet, or it’s just a dark gray day. Driving with your lights on gives you a much higher chance of people seeing you, which in turn gives you less of a chance of getting in an accident. Next, use a lower gear that way you have better traction. Now this tip mainly applies to those of you driving a manual transmission vehicle, as an automatic should do this for you. When you drive in a lower gear your vehicle is less likely to accelerate quickly if it begins to slide on an icy road. Going along with this, never use cruise control when the road is slick. 

These were some basics that we all often don’t see applied, or we simply don’t think about after months of driving in perfect conditions. Mentally prepare yourself for the upcoming sleet, slush and snow, and take it easy out there.