2023 RAM 3500 while Gooseneck Towing

What does 5th-wheel or Gooseneck Towing mean?

If you’re new to the world of pickup trucks and towing, then you might hear terms like 5th-wheel towing or gooseneck towing and be a little confused. What do those terms mean? Is there a difference between them? And what’s the difference between them and regular towing? We thought we’d help out by answering these questions for you, so read on below to learn all about them.

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2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Exterior Front with Hood Open

Can you drive an EV in the winter?

Each and every year electric vehicles are becoming more prevalent and popular. Electricity, as they say, is the future of the automotive industry in many eyes. Some of you might be asking yourselves, though… what about winter? Electronic devices have a notoriously difficult time in cold weather a lot of the time, so how will a completely electric vehicle stand up? Can you even drive an EV in the winter? The short answer is yes, you can. But we’ll dive a little deeper below, if you’re interested!

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2022 Subaru Outback Touring XT Exterior Passenger Side Rear Profile

Which are the best used cars for the snow?

Winter is pretty much here, and in just a few days it’ll even be official since the season kicks off on December 21st. With that in mind, there’s always a good chance that snow is on the horizon. So, if you’re in the market for a used vehicle, you might be wondering which are the best ones for driving in the snow. We thought we’d put together a little list of some of the best vehicles for driving in snowy conditions, but just about any vehicle will do if you opt for winter tires or snow chains. Having an all-wheel drive system certainly helps too!

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Thunder Struck Elite Series Front Bumper

What kinds of truck accessories are available?

A couple of days ago we looked at what kinds of truck bed upgrades are available from Heartland Truck Bed Upgrades & Accessories. Today, we thought we’d take a look at the other half of what the company provides – the accessories. Accessories is a broad term and we’re unlikely to be able to cover all of them in one blog, but reading below should give you a pretty good idea of what’s available in terms of truck accessories here at Briggs Supercenter!

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What kinds of truck bed upgrades are available?

We’ve been focusing on our subsidiary Heartland Truck Beds & Accessories lately, so today we thought we’d just take a step back and look at exactly what kinds of truck bed upgrades are available. A flatbed is going to be the most common kind of upgrade you can get, but there are certainly other options – and even different kinds of flatbeds – let alone the different manufacturers that we partner with. Check out the information below for some quick blurbs about the major different kinds of truck bed upgrades you can consider.

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Thanksgiving Dinner

Places to Eat Thanksgiving Dinner 2022 in Manhattan, KS

Halloween is behind us and Christmas is on the horizon, but before we get to that we’ve got Turkey Day 2022 to look forward to! While the tradition for many might be to cook a big dinner and invite a bunch of friends and family over, that’s not for everybody. You might instead be looking for a local restaurant to go enjoy the traditional meal, or even enjoy something atypical to the holiday. Here are a few places to eat Thanksgiving dinner in Manhattan, Kansas, that should be open on the holiday.

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CM Truck Bed

How do I upgrade the bed of my pickup truck?

Here at Briggs Supercenter, we specialize in used cars and trucks, but we have so much more to offer than just that. Agricultural equipment, mobility solutions and pre-owned motorcycles are just a few, but we’re also capable of upgrading your pickup truck thanks to Heartland Truck Beds & Accessories. If you’ve been considering upgrading the bed or your pickup truck but aren’t sure how to go about it, we can take care of you right here at Briggs Supercenter.

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Woman Handing Candy to Three Trick or Treaters on Halloween

When and Where to Go Trick-or-Treating in Manhattan, KS for Halloween 2022

We’re just three days away from probably the second or third best day of the year for kids, right behind Christmas and their birthday. It’s a night – or sometimes a whole day or weekend – of dressing up, having fun and collecting bags upon bags full of candy. Here in Manhattan, Kansas, there are no official hours recognized by the city, so you can take or send your children trick-or-treating at any point on Monday evening. It’s recommended, however, to go between the hours of 5:30 and 9:30 p.m. Beyond that, we’ve got some advice for when and where you might want to take your kids to go trick-or-treating this year for Halloween 2022 here in town.

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Car Idling in Winter

Should I warm up my engine before driving in the winter?

Winter is just around the corner, and that means more difficult road conditions are likely to start showing up in the not so distant future. Last month we highlighted ways for you to prepare your vehicle for winter driving, but today we wanted to analyze an age-old question that has caused all kinds of arguments throughout the years – should you be warming up your engine before driving in the winter? Some people say this is a fact, others say it’s fiction, but the truth is a little less black and white. Let’s dive into the answer!

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