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Rating: 5 - Went in Friday to trade in our leased vehicle, and it turned into being somewhat of a nightmare for us. We were going to continue looking for a few more months. But... first thing the following Monday, CJ had the best option available for us and we left that afternoon with a vehicle. He truly went the extra mile to make it happen. I cannot say enough great things about him. He went above and beyond!!! Thank you, CJ!
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Google - Briggs Super Center - Manhattan, Kansas 66502

Rating: 5 - My husband and I just got a vehicle from them and we've had the worst experience with them. We realized that we wouldn't be able to afford the car we got and asked if we could get a different vehicle. We were told the car we wanted was sold, we called the dealership the car was located and they told us it was still there. They knew we couldn't afford the payment but they took over $1,000 out of account without our knowledge. Never dealing with these people again.
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Google - Briggs Super Center - Manhattan, Kansas 66502

Rating: 5 - Today I got a great deal on a 04 Ultra Glide thanks to Briggs salesman Timmy Cuddy! He went through the numbers and helped get back on Harley! And I'm not just talking about numbers to make the sale. He compared stats between Briggs and another dealership on the same make and model I was interested in. Not only did he show why Briggs was Superior he also took the time to talk to me veteran to veteran. I swear this man made me feel so much better about making my purchase because I know he was going to do his absolute best to make sure that I had the best experience possible. If you are looking for a wide variety of vehicles I highly recommend Briggs.
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Rating: 1 - This review is for the property "The Vines at Riverpark" that Cirrus managed (very poorly). They have since recently passed the touch to a new, equally disappointing management company. The good has very little to do with the unit and much more to do with the location. When we first signed our lease 2 years ago with Cirrus, the reviews were nowhere as bad as they are today and had I know a quarter of what I know now, I never would have leased from this company. However, since this company no longer manages the property, I will solely discuss their service and not the unit itself. Online portal for service requests is a joke. We made numerous requests online and for the first year had to screen shot our submissions because we did not receive confirmation of request by email. I am glad I saw this as a sign of things to come, as once they handed it off to another company mid lease, the service history disappeared. Payment portal would sometimes glitch and not process. The ability to pay would only activate the day rent was due, so when it glitched, instead of risking getting charged twice, I would drop a check in the box a day late. The first on-site property manager Lourdes was kind enough but never really was in her office. No enforcement of leases as far as other tenants, especially within the last year. Multiple units have well over the number of approved tenants in the units so living in the garages. Not enforcing the rules has turned a nice neighborhood into junk. Trash in the alley, crime (our car was broken into, parole officers regularly visit neighbors), homeless searching trash cans left out for days on end. When we first moved in, the units had good families in them... they are all abandoning ship. Sadly, we aren't the only tenants that feel like this. Several months back, when my husband was receiving no calls back, message machine was full and no response to service requests, he went to the office to figure out what was up and discovered there had been no on-site manager for weeks. Cirrus had sent an agent from their main office to deal with requests while they looked for a new manager, but there was a line of tenants frustrated and upset by their lack of response. Within a few months a new manager was hired and nothing changed.... except the property management company shortly thereafter. FRUSTRATING. Second manager Sonia, started with Cirrus and moved with new property management company. I'll save my review of her until we move out, but I am not hopeful.
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