Maintaining your rarely used vehicle.

Driving Less These Days? You Still Need to Maintain Your Vehicle

With the Coronavirus pandemic still around it’s possible that you’ve been working from home, or at least self isolating, resulting in our vehicles being driven less and less. So what should you do to keep your vehicle in good condition during your hiatus from the roads?

Step 1: Keep your car clean

This may seem like an obvious step, but it gets looked over by almost everyone. Make sure you get out all the old cans, bottles, and trash that’s accumulated in your car. The last thing you want are bugs or even rodents trying to find their way in because they smell some old food or drink. It makes the most sense to give your car a good cleanse before you go through the other steps, but you can do this in any order you please.

Step 2: Fill the gas tank

This is for pre-90s vehicles with metal gas tanks: if you leave your car unused for too long with no gas inside of the tank it can actually rust, which can create a host of issues. You should go and fill up before you park your car for an extended period of time. Plus, you’ll be ready for an impromptu road trip with your family or friends once you’re ready.

Step 3: Stay on top of oil changes

It’s suggested that you get your oil changed every 6 months or 5,000 miles (check your manual to be sure!), whichever comes first. Even if your car is not being used, the oil still needs to be changed, as it will break down over time regardless. Getting your oil changed every 6 months will help make sure your engine is protected whenever it is you DO crank it up next.

Step 4: Check the tires

You don’t want to park your car, then come back to it weeks later to find a flat. Just check on your car every so often and see how the tire pressure is holding up. Weather change can have an impact on the air in your tires, so keep that in mind too. Make sure you’re following the user manual’s guide on the right tire pressure for your car.

Step 5: Drive your vehicle every once in a while

You should take your car out for a drive every few weeks, even if it’s just a quick couple laps around the block. This will help keep the fluids good for longer, keep your battery charged, and engine healthy. At the very least, replacement batteries aren’t cheap.

Hopefully these steps help keep your car healthy while you take a break from driving. Stay safe out there, friends!