Google - Briggs Super Center - Manhattan, Kansas 66502

Rating: 5 - I came here to sell my 2011 70th Anniversary Edition Jeep Liberty. The process literally took minutes. I have never been so impressed with a dealership in my life! I would recommend Briggs to any of my family and friends. Thanks for a great experience.
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Google - Briggs Super Center - Manhattan, Kansas 66502

Rating: 5 - Starting off, my wife and I were looking for a newer vehicle. After the last vehicle we bought, we were burnt pretty well (dealership charged us double what the vehicle was worth). So after dealing with that train wreck for over 2 1/2 years, we decided it was time to get something different. My wife wanted a truck. The beginning phases were purely looking at vehicles on-line, and when we had the chance we'd take a trip off post and actually look at some of the models we bookmarked. They were nice cosmetically, but RIDICULOUS when it came to prices and mileage. Since JC wasn't the place to look, we extended our search to Manhattan. Several weeks were spent driving around looking until 8 or 9 PM. On the 5th of October, we were heading home from the Manhattan mall and decided to stop at the Supercenter on HWY 18. It was late, and I knew no one would be there. The last thing I wanted to do was talk to someone, and get the run around like last time. To my surprise, thats not how it played out. We pulled into the lot, and I told me wife "if anyone comes out here and tries to talk to us, tell them that we're just looking."No one was coming to us for the first 5 minutes, and I was relieved. But as I was looking at a certain model, I noticed a truck driving up to us and this is where everything fell into place. Tim Cuddy was the first person we dealt with at Briggs, and let me tell you... it was an enjoyable process. From the get go he was up front, honest, a former service member, and someone who I felt like I could trust just from talk to him. My wife and I told him our situation, and what we were looking for. With our luck, they had recently gotten a trade in from another service member and it was EXACTLY what my wife was looking for. She fell in love with it immediately. I liked it, and decided "what the hell, lets go through the process and see where we come out."Over the course of almost a week and a half, this man has done more for us than we could've asked for. He has spent several hours of his own personal time to work with us, and keep in contact. He has gone above and beyond all of my expectations, and I am happy to give him the title of "customer advocate". The final signing has already happened, and we're days away from being the owners of a 2013 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 with a lift, light bar, and all the bells and whistles my wife wanted. If you're looking for a reliable dealer, and someone who you can talk to about every possible situation, this is your man. From Tylor, Alyssa and Anneliese (Lil' Red)Tim Cuddy, Thank you.
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Google - Briggs Super Center - Manhattan, Kansas 66502

Rating: 2 - I have various problems with unknowledgeable salesperson telling us our van had bluetooth already installed to other people tell us our slow leak tire was just because of the cold weather(only had this problem with one tire) and the tire bursting on us with our toddler in the car. Now I can do an oil change because they strip the bolt and noone can get it out. We had got tired of calling them and bugging them about issues that should have never happened. We still never go the bluetooth installed like they said they would(an aftermarket one). If we knew that the van didn't have bluetooth we would have looked at another van that wasn't aftermarket. We had to talk to the owner just to get a refund for the new tire we had to buy at the time just to get to work. Good luck getting help after you purchase the vehicle.
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Google - Briggs Super Center - Manhattan, Kansas 66502

Rating: 5 - I had a great experience and I was put in a much better financial position than I came there in. Tim Cuddy was really willing to work with me and got me the deal that I wanted and Sunny the finance manager really worked the numbers for me to get the best price I could possibly get. I really appreciate it guys!
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